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WooCommerce the store system
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Set up WooCommerce

60 years ago, trade was still spread over numerous shoulders. However, the sometimes gnarled family businesses had a decisive advantage: they were free and independent in their decisions.

The WordPress plugin WooCommerce is perfect for creating small to medium sized online store systems. Compared to other store systems WooCommerce is relatively cheap, because you have the advantage of the huge WordPress developer community.

Set up WooCommerce


Creation and configuration of WooCommerce systems, associated plugins and custom programming.
Set up WooCommerce

SHIPPING & Payment

Configuration of shipping and payment systems, as well as automatic invoice generation.
Set up WooCommerce


Export and import of products and orders, connection to ERP systems and configuration of the interface

WooCommerce advantages
Flexible and stable

  • WooCommerce benefits from a huge developer community
  • The intuitive user interface ensures a quick learning curve
  • WooCommerce is one of the fastest store systems on the market
  • WooCommerce has much cheaper development costs than comparable other store systems
  • There are no, or only very low, ongoing license costs.
Set up WooCommerce

The good old enterprise resource planning
how do you network properly?

Set up WooCommerce

In order to be able to sell articles via Amazon, Ebay or other sales platforms, an ERP system should be connected to WooCommerce.

Known solutions are: SAGE with the dmconnecotor, or Billbee. But don't worry, for the majority of inventory management systems there are providers with a suitable interface to WooCommerce.

Become independent now with your own online store!

You want to know more about the feasibility of your store idea, or switch from an existing system to WooCommerce? Then you are in the right place!