Wordpress hosting

Wordpress hosting

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How fast is your web server?
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Is your website fast enough? Besides WordPress speed optimization, hosting is also a crucial factor.
Did you know that with the vast majority of hosting plans you share your resources with hundreds of other websites? I'll help you find the right hosting partner for you!

What are the options?
Your hosting partner for every use case

Shared hosting

A shared hosting server divides its complete power among very many websites.

Virtual server

A virtual machine has a certain amount of computing power and memory that belongs only to you.

Low Budget Hosting & Price-Performance Winner

Shared server

Professional hosting for multiple websites

Virtual server

Well-being solution backups & support

Shared server

WordPress relocation
for more computing power and conversion

Wordpress hosting

Of course, a virtual server is also not a machine in its own right and the server performance is therefore also divided among different customers. However, you know exactly what performance you can expect from a virtual server. Furthermore, you can adapt a virtual machine very precisely to your required computing power. 

Besides a WordPress move, there is also the possibility of a WordPress speed optimization. Both measures together make your web presence lightning fast.

How do I test the current speed?
Hosting & Implementation

Figuring out if the wrong end of the stick is the web server is not always easy.
Even with "shared hosting", fast website loading times can be achieved. Of course, this depends entirely on the requirements.

Google's website test is very suitable for determining the current state. After all, it is also Google that soberly evaluates your website according to relevance.

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You want to switch to a faster web server and thus improve the search engine result in addition to a shorter loading time?