Make Wordpress faster!

Make Wordpress faster!

Only the loading sequence counts

How fast is your website?
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Is your website fast enough? Most users will leave a page if it doesn't load within 3 seconds. A fast loading time leads to a higher usability and thus creates a longer dwell time of the users on your page. This not only increases your chances of a booking, the loading time is also an important factor for search engines.

Google Pagespeed Test

The Google Pagespeed Score is your guideline for the success of your website. If you achieve a good Google Score for mobile websites, you have won!

All other speed tests can only provide indicators of what still needs to be improved.

First Contentful PaintIndicates when elements are seen for the first time.

Speed Index: How quickly to see the full page.

Largest Contentful Paint: Often unfortunately wrong, because often invisible elements are also counted.

GT Metrix Test

This test provides some interesting parameters that you should consider.
First of all, register at GT-Metrix, because then you have the possibility to choose the European server "London".

The most important parameters are:
Speed IndexThis shows how fast you can change the full image of the page.

Time to InteractiveThis value is also often displayed incorrectly, but it is important that you test whether at the beginning of the Loading process everything clickable is.

Cumulative Layout Shift: Here is another value to keep low, it indicates when a Element the page jumps.

What can lead to high loading times?
Continuous improvement as a recipe for success

  • too large images, or wrong format
  • too many installed and unused plugins
  • too extensive WordPress theme
  • Incorrect loading sequence
  • too many Java Script and CSS files
  • shared hosting server
  • too many loaded fonts and icons
Make Wordpress faster!

What creates pagespeed optimization?
time to do

Make Wordpress faster!
  • Load times optimization for WordPress
  • Satisfied customers who can quickly navigate your website
  • Thereby a longer dwell time of the users
  • A higher click-through rate on your offers, i.e. increased revenues
  • More interaction leads to a better search engine result
  • WordPress becomes faster

How are the loading times improved?
What exactly happens.

Every WordPress site is different - a professional WordPress optimization starts with a general check of your website, so you can start exactly where the weak points are in the current case. Compressing data, uninstalling unused plugins, checking the server speed and reducing HTTP requests, CSS and JS files are just some of the many possibilities. The goal of a WordPress optimization is besides an improved load time also a better ranking in the search engines.

Benefit from speed optimerization now!

You want to have a PageSpeed optimization performed for your website and thus improve the search engine result in addition to a shorter loading time?